H O L M E S'
 L O N D O N
About The Author
  Thomas Bruce Wheeler is a retired Federal Senior Service Executive, Anglophile and lifelong fan of Sherlock Holmes. Mr. Wheeler is a graduate of the University of Missouri, with postgraduate at the Darden School of Business (University of Virginia), and the Fuqua School of Business (Duke University). He is also a decorated military veteran, with an Army Silver Star for gallantry in action, and an Air Force Air Medal for twenty-six combat missions. The Republic of Korea has also designated Mr. Wheeler an Ambassador for Peace. He is a member of Phi Kappa Psi, The English-Speaking Union, The Sherlock Holmes Society of London, and The Giant Rats of Sumatra. Like Sherlock's older brother Mycroft, Mr. Wheeler is also a founder life member of his city's strangest club,  of which he is one of the strangest members.