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  1. London Secrets: London Guidebook for the First Time Visitor
    London Secrets: London Guidebook for the First Time Visitor
    London is the most popular international destination for North American travelers. However, its size and variety of sites and events can be daunting. London Secrets was written by a London expert to offer tips and "secrets" for the first time visitor. The book's chapters range from what to do before you leave home, to a dictionary of British words and phrases. In between, there are tips on: how to get from the airport, sightseeing, museums and galleries, churches, Roman and medieval sites, shopping, theater, and even where to go for afternoon tea or a romantic dinner. London has something for everyone, and London Secrets will help you find the places and events that match your interests. The book offers practical advice. To get the most out of it, read London Secrets before you leave home, and highlight the places and events you want to see. Next, buy a pocket magnifying glass. After you arrive in London, purchase a modern street guide (for which you will need the magnifying glass), and a TravelCard for unlimited travel on London's Underground and Red Buses. Then, enjoy-London awaits you!Thomas Bruce Wheeler is the owner of London Secrets®, a company that produces custom-made London guidebooks from a 300,000-word computer database. He and his wife live in Memphis, TN, and have visited London once or twice a year, for over 25 years. If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan, read Mr. Wheeler's Finding Sherlock's London. It will be a perfect companion to London Secrets.