The map below is one of the electronic features in Thomas Bruce Wheeler's  The Mapped London of Sherlock Holmes , available on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble  web sites. You can preview the complete interactive map by clicking one of the Sherlock Holmes symbols on the map below. The legend on the left side of the map can be collapsed by clicking on the legend's small vertical three-dot symbol. Then, a mouse click on any of the map's Sherlock Holmes figures will open an illustrated text box explaining the Sherlockian significance of that place. The Mapped London of Sherlock Holmes ebook also has the capability of producing street-view photos of each site and, for London visitors, provides walking instructions from one site to the next by using the GPS App on their smart phones.

Enjoy, the game is afoot!

The Mapped London of Sherlock Holmes e-book ( Amazon and Barnes & Noble , $5.99) allows you to explore the London of Sherlock Holmes. In addition to the interactive map, the book has the GPS cordinates needed to get walking instructions from your smart phone's GPS App. The book also generates street view photos of London's Sherlock Holmes sites. This book is by far the best way to "visit" Sherlock's London, even if it is on your home computer..